iPod Jukebox

No one can pass up a classic jukebox! Their design is engaging, fun and totally appealing. But the music held within an authentic jukebox is dated and tiresome. That’s why we created the iPod Jukebox, with an iPod docking station built in. With the iPod Juke box, you get the look you want, and the music you love.

No game room, family room or man cave is complete without a classic jukebox. You’ll love having the iPod Jukebox to complete your ultimate entertainment environment. The iPod docking station makes the iPod Juke box a home run hit as a gift, or a treat for yourself and your home.

There’s just enough nostalgia with this iPod Jukebox, but not to an extreme where you have to listen to ‘Rock Around the Clock’ any more than you want to. Play your favorite rap, hip hop, rock and classical music – the playlists you’ve recorded for our iPod juke box. Use the iPod docking station to instantly bring today’s sounds to this classic component. You can also play CDs, AM/FM radio, or MP3 and WAV files on the iPod Jukebox.

• Perfect for any game room, family room or man cave

• Classic look with the latest sound system technology

• iPod docking station integrates with retro look and feel

• LED color-shifting lighting

• Play CDs, AM/FM radio, MP3 and WAV files

• Stereo speakers

• Remote control comes with iPod Jukebox

•Compatible with all iPhones. Apple Lighting Adaptor needed for iPhone 5

• Please note: This product has a flat rate shipping charge of $150 and does not qualify for free shipping.

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Length: 14.7  Inches
Width: 24.75
Height: 48  Inches
Weight: 80 Lbs