iFloat Pool Speaker

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Check out the iFloat Pool Speaker – the 900MHz wireless pool speaker that loves to play in the water! Go ahead and swim, splash and dive. This floating pool speaker can keep up with the action, and the water fun. 6 water-resistant integral speaker drives deliver true stereo audio sound, with full depth, clarity and power. You get up to 4 full hours of wireless transmission. Bring your favorite playlist right in the pool with you. Just place your iFloat Pool Speaker dock up to 150 feet away – even in your house – and pop in your iPod, iPhone or MP3. This floating pool speaker is weather and water resistant.

iFloat Pool Speaker

You don’t have to baby this floating pool speaker – go ahead and get your water fun on! The iFloat Pool Speaker is water and weather resistant, and not afraid of a little rain or splashing.

Place your wireless transmitter dock in the house, on a patio or an outdoor table – then plug in your music source. Your floating pool speaker can be a full 150 feet away from the dock! The iFloat Pool Speaker is compatible with your iPod, iPhone, computer stereo system, MP3 player or any 3.5mm or RCA output device. The audio travels through the walls or obstacles right to the floating pool speaker for out-of-this-world outdoor sound.

Enjoy the music in your hot tub, pool, or deck using the built in stand. Water damage? Forget about it. This pool speaker is made to play in the water through 6 water-resistant integral speaker drives. You get a true stereo audio experience, with a rich full sound for 4 hours on a single charge.

The first outdoor speaker that lets you take the music into the pool with you is the iFloat Pool Speaker! Imagine full stereo sound in the center of your hot tub or spa – and picture yourself floating in your swimming pool while everyone enjoys the full, rich sound of the floating pool speaker.

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Length: 10  Inches
Width: 10
Height: 4  Inches
Weight: 3 Lbs

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