Wrist Controlled Chopper

The Wrist Controlled Chopper controller glove has a small joystick embedded on the palm to control the helicopter's thrust while your hand movements are responsible for controlling its acrobatic maneuvers. The Wrist Controlled Chopper is constructed of aluminum, has a 20 gauge steel roto drive shaft, and is equipped with super stable gyro flight. It also features four-channel capability that allows it to hover laterally, or you can send it soaring 100 ft. up in the air.

• Accelerometer glove controller

• Super stable gyro flight

• 4-channel capability for lateral hovering

• Full 3D flight control

• All aluminum structure

• 20 gauge steel roto drive shaft

• Rotor gears are epoxy sealed

• Removable counter weights

• Can go 100 ft. high

• Includes a rechargeable lithium ion battery recharged via USB

• For age 10 and up

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Length: 8  Inches
Width: 7
Height: 4  Inches
Weight: 1 Lbs