Wireless Shower Speakers

The amazing advancement of waterproof, wireless speakers is coming to a shower near you – so you can enjoy clear, crisp sound, while protecting your music source. With the Wireless MP3 Shower Speakers, you plug your iPod, iPhone or MP3 player into a transmitter, which is 150 feet away from the speaker, and from the damaging moisture.

Waterproof shower speakers are powered by 900 MHz PLL circuitry, which guarantees a strong, clear signal. Wireless speakers hang right in the shower, but your valuable digital device stays safely dry. Sing if you want to – or just enjoy your play list while you get ready for a long day, or a night out. With waterproof shower speakers, you can clearly listen to the 900 MHz wireless speakers, while your iPod or MP3 player stays nice and dry.

•900 MHz Wireless speakers for iPod, iPhone or MP3 players

•Waterproof shower speakers are perfect for the shower

•Wireless speakers powered by batteries or AC adaptor, included

•Take your tunes into the shower, safely, with wireless shower speakers

•Strong clear signal powered by 900 MHz Wireless speakers system

•Transmits through walls, up to 150ft away

•Transmitter keeps your digital device safely away from moisture

Batteries: 10 AA

Recommended For iPhone, MP3 players, any audio source

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Length: 5  Inches
Width: 8.5
Height: 11  Inches
Weight: 5 Lbs
Battery Requirements: 10 AA