Widescreen HD 22” LCD TV with DVD and iPod Dock

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This stylish high definition 22” TV contains a built in iPod dock and DVD player – just insert your iPod or DVD to watch your movies and videos in HDTV. This 22” television allows you to control your iPod using the TV remote and interactive menus. With a built-in DVD player, USB input and SD card reader, this 22-inch LCD television is a complete entertainment station. This 720p HDTV also brings movie quality sound to your video or music with its multi-dimensional 4 speaker configuration.

Widescreen HD 22” LCD TV with DVD and iPod Dock

Our Television with iPod Dock and DVD Player brings your movies and music to life like nothing else. Just plug your iPod into the integrated dock of this 22” TV – it’s easy to control your iPod using the included remote and onscreen menu. This high definition 22-inch LCD television features 720p high def clarity. Using a multi-dimensional configuration of 4 stereo speakers, you’ll be amazed at how this 22-inch television brings you into the action.

But this is much more than a high def 22 inch television - this multimedia center also features an advanced progressive scan DVD player that plays movies with sharpness and clarity you don’t often find outside of the theatre. This 22” TV also features an SD card slot for showcasing your digital pictures – so you easily play the slideshows you’ve stored on your iPod for friends and family. Is some of your digital media stored on your computer instead of your iPod? No problem – use the integrated USB input to play it using a thumb drive or USB cable. Need to use the 22” Television with iPod Dock and DVD Player as a monitor for another digital device? Connect it to this 22-inch television using the HDMI input.

Here’s what makes our exclusive 22” Television with iPod Dock and DVD Player a must for any videophile:

• 22” TV with integrated iPod dock

• Included remote controls both the 22 inch television and your iPod using easy on screen menus

• Built in progressive scan DVD player

• 22 inch LCD television with 720p HDTV clarity

• 22” TV features powerful multi-dimensional 4 stereo speaker configuration for high def sound

• 22 inch television also features SB and SD inputs

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Length: 3.35  Inches
Width: 20.87
Height: 14.96  Inches
Weight: 13 Lbs

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