Weather Forecasting Shower Mirror

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It may be cloudy outside, but this fog free shower mirror is perfectly clear even in the hottest of showers. As a bonus, this is the Weather Reporting Shower Mirror gives you a head’s up on the weather outside to help plan your day. While you enjoy an unobstructed shave, the weather reporting shower mirror shows you one of 4 digital icons: sunny, cloudy, partly cloudy or rainy. LED backlighting gives you a clear view, as a wireless sensor transmits temperature and humidity readings.

Weather Forecasting Shower Mirror

You get two mounting options with the Weather Reporting Fog Free Shower Mirror, adhesive or suction cups. Once it’s secure and snug, you can shave with confidence as your anti fog shower mirror keeps your reflection crystal clear. The weather outside may be cloudy and rainy, but your fog free shower mirror gives you a clear view, every time!

This Weather Reporting Shower Mirror gives you a head’s up every morning as you get ready for your day. Know the weather, and keep your eye on the time and date. LED backlighting makes information easy to scan. A wireless sensor transmits data continually to your weather reporting shower mirror, and displays easy to interpret icons. A built in caddy holds your shaving cream and two razors, right under the anti fog shower mirror. You get convenience, information and a clear view to start your day off right, with this anti fog shower mirror.

• Weather reporting shower mirror stays fog free

• Shower mirror displays weather icons, time and date

• Anti fog shower mirror lets you shave safe, with a clear view

• Suction cup mounting, or adhesive wall mount

• LED backlighting for easy viewing of weather reporting

• Shower mirror uses wireless sensors to transmit temps, humidity

Batteries: 2 AAA and 2 AA

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Length: 5  Inches
Width: 11
Height: 3  Inches
Weight: 2 Lbs

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