Upside Down Tomato Herb Garden

The Upside Down Tomato Garden's heavy duty, self-supporting, freestanding, leakproof planter lets tomato vines grow through the holes on its underside, while you grow flowers, lettuce, peppers or herbs on the planter's top side.

The ample planter holds up to 80 lbs. of topsoil, and stands securely on a base that you can fill with sand of water for extra stability. And it's not just for tomatoes … the Upside Down Tomato Garden is great for growing other vine-based vegetables upside down—peas, beans, cucumbers, eggplant, strawberries! Even if you're not known for your "green thumb" you're sure to impress you family and friends with your results. Makes an attractive addition to your home's outdoor living area.

• Works with gravity to tomatoes ripen in the air, not rot on the ground

• Grows tomatoes and other vegetables upside down

• Grows complementary herbs, flowers, lettuce or other fruits and vegetables right side up

• Bottom hanging planter can grow up to 8 tomato vines

• Makes an attractive addition to patios, decks or balconies

• Lets you garden where it's most convenient for you

• Grows peas, beans, cucumbers, eggplant, strawberries upside down

• Base can be filled with water or sand for stability

• Made from Attractive Recycled material

• Seeds, seedlings or plants not included

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Length: 23  Inches
Width: 23
Height: 46  Inches
Weight: 16.85 Lbs