Shoe Deodorizer

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Much better than any spray: the UV light-activated Shoe Deodorizer is an effective way to kill the germs and fungus that can cause shoe and foot odor. Proven technology is used in medical institutions to kill harmful germs and viruses; now it’s available to eradicate the germs that cause Athlete’s Foot and foot odor – right in the shoe.

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Shoe Deodorizer

Simply place a pair of shoes on the UV Shoe Deodorizer and the germ-killing lights engage from the weight. Great for a full range of family shoes and for all sizes. Kills over 95% of common odor-causing germs, Athlete’s Foot, MRSA and more. Works in about an hour; fits most shoe shapes and sizes.

•Refreshes and deodorizes shoes

• Proven to reduce germs and bacteria

• Ultraviolet light is used to kill germs

• Shoes smell fresher in one hour

• Safety lights engage when deodorizer is at work

• Kills over 95% of common odor causing germs and bacteria

• Repeated treatment will eliminate germs and bacteria

• Kills over 95% T. rubrum, known as Athlete’s Foot

• Kills over 95% MRSA

• Fits most shapes and sizes of shoes

• Plugs into AC outlet

• Great for diabetics, athletes, construction workers, anyone suffering from chronic foot odor

PLEASE NOTE: This is a personal care item and is returnable if in its original unopened packaging and unused condition.

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Length: 14  Inches
Width: 9
Height: 16  Inches
Weight: 0.234 Lbs



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