Personal Masseuse Electric Head Massager

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This personal head massager gives you multiple sensations that relieve stress and improve circulation. First, the air pressure technology and vibration gently massages. Relaxing heat and soothing music adds another layer of relaxation. Magnetic therapy also adds to the complete therapeutic head massagers abilities to reduce tension. The I Dream Soothing Head Massager simulates a professional human touch acupressure massage.

Personal Masseuse Electric Head Massager

Close your eyes, and you’ll believe that a professional masseuse is your on demand therapeutic head massager, any time of the day or night. The is personal vibrating head massager, you can experience an unbelievable scalp massage in your own home. This soothing head massager covers every aspect of your scalp, including temples, forehead and full cranium.

Magnetic therapy is combined with warm heat, soothing music and air pressure technology and vibration. Gently, the therapeutic head massager simulates experienced hands, and removes your tensions and cares. Choose the acupressure points that give you the relief you desire; the vibrating head massager always gives a desired effect. Choose from a variety of soothing music tracks for your therapeutic head massager. This adds to your level of enhanced circulation-boosting massage. The vibrating head massager features built in speakers, earphones and comes with remote.

• I Dream Soothing Head Massager targets key acupressure points

• Increases relaxation and relieves stress and fatigue

• Air pressure technology in a therapeutic head massager

• Magnetic therapy adds to total massage experience

• Soothing music plays through built in speakers and earphones

• Comes with remote

• Relaxing heat warms and soothes

Batteries: 4 AA Required

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Length: 9  Inches
Width: 9
Height: 9.5  Inches
Weight: 3.5 Lbs

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