Oral Irrigator

The Panasonic® Oral Irrigator is gentle on your gums, not on debris.

Using the soft and natural cleaning power of water, 1,600 pulses per second clean debris from between teeth and massage your gums.

This dental water jet is easy to fill, wash and store.

Simply flip the bottom cap open to fill the tank up with up to 5.5 oz. of water. When done using the Panasonic® Oral Irrigator, easily wash the entire waterproof unit. Nozzle stores comfortably in the base.

Our Panasonic® Oral Irrigator gives you two powerful ways to clean teeth.

Choose from two different jet stream power levels and find the water pressure that’s right for you.

Panasonic® Oral Irrigator features:

• Dental water jet cleans debris from between the teeth and below the gumline

• More effective than dental floss

• Gently massages gums for better gum health

• 2 water jet stream power levels

• Tank holds 5.5 oz. of water

• Nozzle is easy to clean and store

• Our Panasonic® Oral Irrigator is a great birthday or Christmas gift

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Length: 3.3  Inches
Width: 5.1
Height: 7.8  Inches
Weight: 0.49 Lbs
Battery Requirements: 2 AA (included)