Motorized Core Balance Trainer

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Hop on the Motorized Core Balance Trainer and take the ride of your life to improve coordination, flatten your stomach and enhance core muscle strength. This unique and exciting balance trainer offers the fun of a horseback ride thanks to its triple axis riding motion that brilliantly recreates a real ride's pitching (for toning the abs), rolling (to strengthens inner thighs and mid-torso muscles) and yawing (to target the lumbar muscles) motions.

Motorized Core Balance Trainer

The iJoy Motorized Core Balance Trainer offers 4 speeds from "warm up," to "taking it easy" to "getting serious" to “pump it up" and offers auto programs that give you a well-rounded workout. The Visco foam padded seat comfortably molds to your body as you sit back and work your hips, abs, lumbar and obliques by simply maintaining your balance.

• Comfortable Visco foam padded seat

• Choose from auto programmed workouts or manual settings

• Get exercise benefits of a horseback ride

• Builds muscle core strength and coordination

• Tightens 4 core muscle groups without stressing joints

• Offers 4 workout speeds – Slow to Fast

• On-board control/display panel

• 253-lb. weight limit

• Plugs into an AC outlet

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Length: 26  Inches
Width: 17
Height: 28  Inches
Weight: 51 Lbs

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