Metal Detector

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Find the hidden treasure that everyone else is missing with this ‘deeper reach’ Metal Detector. You don’t mind digging a little deeper for the good stuff that’s been long lost underground – and this is the handheld metal detector that will help you find what the others miss. Not only does it go deeper than the others, but it discriminates between the ferrous metals (which contain iron) and the more valuable, non ferrous metals such as gold, silver and platinum. Innovative, ergonomic and lightweight – this hand held detector could be for fun, or for more serious hobbying. Includes bag and sifter.

Metal Detector

And the hunt is on! Serious treasure hunters and fun loving beachcombers both love the ‘deeper reach’ of this handheld metal detector. The Metal Detector finds the deeper treasure that the others miss!

Featuring the newest and best technology, this hand held detector won’t send you on wild goose chases after long lost pennies – it discriminates between the ferrous metals (containing iron) and the valuable non-ferrous metals. You can detect the deeper gold, silver and platinum that another hand held detector may have missed.

This handheld metal detector is lightweight for your comfort, and ergonomically curved to make it easy and enjoyable to comb the beach, park or other grounds. If you’re ready for the hunt, you need the Metal Detector that will find the deeply buried treasure. Comes with bag and sifter.

Download the manual here.

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Length: 30  Inches
Width: 5
Height: 10  Inches
Weight: 5 Lbs

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