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Inflatable Mattress- Twin

This Inflatable Mattress features the innovations that give you the support and comfort you’ve been craving in a portable bed. Most inflatable beds are one big pocket of air; loose a little air, and you’re rolling into the middle! With this luxurious Inflatable Mattress, the specially designed network of inter-connected air pockets allows air to flow evenly for true comfort and stability. Inflates and deflates fast with a built-in electric pump that plugs into any AC outlet. Adjust for firmness. Dual chamber construction allows you to tuck in fitted sheets, for even more comfort.

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Inflatable Mattress- Twin

This is a great bed to have tucked away for guests, for travel and even for camping. Far superior to most other inflatable beds; this Inflatable Mattress is specially designed for an incredible sleeping experience. The network of inter-connected chambers evenly disperses air throughout the mattress – giving you a more even sleep surface, increased comfort and lovely stability. Let the pump do the work of inflating, and then adjust for your level of firmness. Deflate at the touch of a button. This Inflatable Mattress also features dual chamber construction – meaning the top and bottom layers give you the separation you need to tuck in fitted sheets for a more restful sleep experience.

• Inflatable I-beams and coil beams provide support; cushions pressure points

• Inter-connected air pockets keeps air flowing evenly

• Inflates and deflates with built-in pump

• Adjust for firmness level desired

• Soft-flocked exterior increases comfort

• Great for camping, for travel and for house guests

• Fold and store easily

• Comes with convenient carry/storage bag

• Plugs into an AC outlet


Length: 75  Inches
Width: 39
Height: 20  Inches
Weight: 23 Lbs


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