Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speakers

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Enjoy the rich, full-range sound you demand for listening to your favorite music anywhere in your home from the bedroom to the backyard, dining room to the deck with this pair of Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speakers. The weather-resistant Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speakers employ 2.4GHz technology for extended range—up to 200-ft (90 ft. indoors – 200 ft. outdoors). Connect your iPod®, iPad®, iPhone®, radio or MP3 players to the transmitter dock with the 3.5mm cable or RCA-to-3.5mm cable (both cables included). The transmitter dock will transmit your music to the 2 wireless speakers. Make your listening enjoyment an integral part of dining or relaxing al fresco.

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Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speakers

Each speaker has its own on/off switch, independent volume controls and pairing/connect buttons. Plus, you can choose from listening in stereo or mono. The Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speakers plug into an AC outlet or, for even more versatility can be operated with 6 D batteries each (12 D batteries total). The transmitter plugs into an AC outlet.

• Includes transmitter dock and 2 wireless speakers

• Connects to a variety of music source devices

• 2.4GHz wireless transmitter dock provides range to 200-ft. (90-ft. indoors)

• Channel Purity® ensures optimal sound

• Select between mono and stereo

• Independent rotary volume control for each speaker

• 3.5mm audio input jack

• Weather resistant

• Power on/off indicator

• Each system has a power on status LED on the front of each speaker and a pairing/connect button

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Length: 18  Inches
Width: 12
Height: 10  Inches
Weight: 12 Lbs

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