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Equipped with Bushnell’s® PinSeeker technology this compact Golf Laser Range Finder helps you to zero in on your approach to the flag. Three integrated targeting modes give you the versatility you need to make confident shot-making decisions. PinSeeker mode easily acquires the flag without inadvertently capturing background target distances. Scan mode allows you to pan across the course while viewing a continuously updated LCD. Finally, Slope mode measures the angle within +/-1 degree. Our Golf Laser Range Finder is also impressively accurate to +/-1 yard from a 5- to 1,000-yard range with 5x magnification.

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Golf Laser Range Finder

Our Golf Laser Range Finder finds your target in three different ways.

Enjoy three different targeting modes, including PinSeeker—which focuses on flag distance, Scan—which pans across to find various target distances, and Slope—which tracks distance based on ball trajectory and the golf club you’re using.

The Golf Laser Range Finder develops your sense of distance.

Know exactly where you want your ball to go with pinpoint accurate measurements that are good +/- a single yard/meter. Learn accurate golf distances and boost your game.

Measure in any weather.

Rainproof and available with a premium carrying case, this laser range finder will allow you to see your shot in all kinds of weather.

Golf Laser Range Finder features:

• Exact distance to the pin, uphill or downhill

• Ranges 5–1,000 yards/meters; 300 yards to flag

• +/–1 yard accuracy

• 5x magnification

• 3V lithium battery and premium carrying case included

• No reflective prism required

• Rainproof

• The Golf Laser Range Finder is a great birthday, fathers day or Christmas idea for any golfer.

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Length: 4.25  Inches
Width: 3
Height: 3.25  Inches
Weight: 1 Lbs
Battery Requirements: 3 Volt Lithium (included)

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