Folding Utility Wagon

You’ll wonder how you got along without this wagon. It’s so durable and versatile, you’ll find yourself popping it open to help with yard work, grocery storage – how about toting heavy bags of pet food and water softener salt? It holds a hefty 200 pounds, so you don’t have to baby this wagon. Made for adult uses, the handle won’t give you back strain! And when you’re through, you don’t have to find a large parking space for it – just fold it up and hang it up.

• Easy compact design

• 360 degree swivel front wheels prevent the wagon from tipping and makes sharp, quick turns easier to take

• Wheel base is made with durable plastic wheels and real rubber tires for a more smooth and comfortable ride

• Wagon folds to a mere 8 inches thick

• 200 lb capacity

• Features a durable steel frame

PLEASE NOTE: This product has a flat rate shipping charge of $30 and does not qualify for free shipping.

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Length: 21  Inches
Width: 38
Height: 38  Inches
Weight: 29 Lbs