Fog Free Radio Shower Mirror

Barbers will tell you the key to a close shave is softening your beard with water – then keeping it moist throughout the shave. Our Fog Free Shower Mirror with Radio transforms your shower into the best place for a perfect shave. This illuminated bathroom mirror is specially treated to be fog free. Then we add circular LED lights to make this the most evenly lit lighted shower mirror you can find.

Use the heavy-duty suction cup to place the fog free shaving mirror wherever you like in your shower, then switch on the AM/FM radio for the ultimate shower experience! You get great sound from waterproof speakers located on the back of this fog free shaving mirror. Use the waterproof rubber buttons to program the lighted shower mirror LCD display, and alarm. This illuminated bathroom mirror even features integrated razor storage . Turn your shower into the ultimate shaving station with this one of a kind illuminated bathroom mirror.

Here’s what makes the Fog Free Shower Mirror with Radio a must-have for men who want a close shave:

• Anti-fog illuminated bathroom mirror

• AM/FM radio tuner integrated into the lighted shower mirror

• Back mounted waterproof speakers hidden in this fog free shaving mirror

• Powerful heavy-duty suction cup mount

• Fog free shaving mirror features LCD display, and alarm

• Lighted shower mirror also features integrated razor storage

Batteries: 4 AA Required

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Length: 12  Inches
Width: 6
Height: 3  Inches
Weight: 1 Lbs
Battery Requirements: 4 AA