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Trade your traditional desk chair for our Fit Chair and strengthen your core, improve your posture, increase your alertness and burn up to an extra 350 calories a day…all while sitting! This sturdy ergonomically designed chair takes the proven health advantages of a fitness ball and places it in a stable secure base. This amazing chair is designed to encourage countless minor motions throughout the day, aligning your body, relieving stress on your back and improving circulation. Sitting on the Fit Chair places you in a ‘proactive sitting position’, engaging your core and allowing you to experience the benefits of movement while you remain seated.

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Fit Chair

Looking for dramatic results with a small change? Then change your ordinary office chair for our ergonomically designed Fit Chair – the chair that gives you a workout as you sit at your desk! By encouraging your body to make countless micro motions every hour, the Fit Chair aligns your spine, improves your balance and posture and reduces many of the stresses that come from sitting at a desk or computer for hour after hour. Plus all those little adjustments help you burn up to an extra 350 calories a day.

• Ergonomically designed ball fitness chair

• Ball is included

• Ball can expand to reach 50-65 cm

• Improves posture

• Reduce fatigue at home or office

• Encourages minor motions for better balance, stability, and strength

• Improves circulation

• Sit without back stiffness or fatigue

• May burn up to 350 extra calories per day

• Provides healthy, proactive sitting position that engages core muscles

• Unstable surface encourages your body to find the most efficient way to balance, increases muscle tone and alertness

• Encourages proper spinal alignment

• Improves balance, posture, core stability, and core strength all in one

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Length: 20.00  Inches
Width: 20.00
Height: 25.00  Inches
Weight: 9.00 Lbs