Eye and Head Massager

The Chinese medicine theories, coupled with modern technology, bring you the innovative Eye and Head Massager. Enjoy the layers of pressure point massage, infrared heat compression, and relaxing sounds (that you choose and upload yourself) as your cares and tension wash away after a long day. Who do you know that would love to have a custom massage at a moment’s notice?

• Adopts air pressure, vibration, and hot compress massaging technology to massage the head and ocular regions

• Comes with a wireless remote control and built-in MP3 player

• Connect the USB cable to your computer to download music to listen to while using the device

• Enjoy pre-recorded spa music while massaging, or download and listen to your favorite songs

• See-through visor makes it easier for you to operate the controller

• Applies the meridian theory of Chinese medicine, integrating modern technology in all its products to bring a meridian massage experience to its users

• Air pressure massage – 5 settings

• Vibration massage – 5 settings

• Pressure point massage

• Infrared Heat Compression (Low 35C - 38C / High 39C - 42C)

• Soothing Music

• Eye Massager

• Includes wireless remote with LCD display, earphones and a USB cable

• Includes 3 AAA batteries and adaptor for the built-in Li-ion battery

PLEASE NOTE: This is a personal care item and is returnable if in its original unopened packaging and unused condition.

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Length: 9.5  Inches
Width: 8
Height: 9.5  Inches
Weight: 2.45 Lbs