Electric Folding Bike

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It’s the perfect go anywhere urban commuter – the e-Bike. This long-range portable electric bicycle will carry you up to 20 miles at an effortless 20 miles per hour. This innovative electric bike folds down small enough that you can take it anywhere. Go ahead, carry this eco-friendly bike on the subway or bus. Or toss it in the trunk of your car. The simple pull-up folding design makes it easy to unfold and glide through the streets when you get to your destination. Great for navigating city streets or college campuses, with the e-Bike you’ll arrive fresh. Hey, if you want some exercise you can always turn off the electric motor and pedal, then switch the electric bike back on when you need a break. This electric folding bike is so exhilarating you’ll forget you’re protecting the planet!

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Electric Folding Bike

Saving the planet has never been so fun! The eco-friendly folding e-Bike is the ideal form of transportation for college students, urban commuters or suburbanites. This cleverly designed electric bicycle will effortlessly carry up to 220 pounds at speeds up to 20 miles per hour.

When you get to your destination, the innovative pull-up folding design makes the eco-friendly bike easy to fold up and stow in a closet or dorm room, or even in your office at work. So light and compact you can carry this folding bike with you on an elevator, bus, subway or train, then unfold the electric bike in seconds and breeze through the streets. Arrive at school, work or the store feeling cool and refreshed. This electric bicycle is so much fun you may want to keep on riding! Go ahead, you can travel up to 20 miles between charges.

The environmentally friendly e-Bike folding electric bicycle will transform any errand or commute into a breezy adventure. Here’s how:

•Sturdy electric bike holds up to 220 pounds

•A folding bike with easy instant pull-up foldability

•Eco-friendly bike folds compact for easy transport

•Electric bicycle travels at speeds up to 20 mph

•Electric bike travels up to 20 miles between charges

•Let the electric bicycle carry you. Or switch to manual pedaling mode

•Great for urban commuting, college or suburban errands

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Length: 49.5  Inches
Width: 19.5
Height: 43  Inches
Weight: 39 Lbs