Easy Stretch Back Stretcher

Hunching over a computer keyboard all day can cause a steady tightening of your back muscles, and lead to unbearable pain. Our innovative Easy Stretch Back Stretcher is serious back pain equipment that can help you avoid the back pains that come from the modern workplace. Sit down on the seat cushion and place your back on the five soft foam and rubber rolls aligned along a gently curving alloy frame – already you can feel your back muscles loosening up. Now push backwards on the back stretching machine. Feel the tension leave your body as your back muscles gently open up. One stretch and you’ll see why this is one piece of back pain equipment our customers can’t live without.

Doctors will tell you that strong abs are key to avoiding back pain. Our Easy Stretch Back Stretcher helps you develop your abs while you stretch your back! An easy back and forth motion of the back stretching machine helps you exercise and tighten your stomach muscles.

Here’s what makes our Easy Stretch Back Stretcher essential back pain equipment:

• Comfortable foam and rubber rolls align your back along an alloy arch

• Easy to use back pain equipment: just sit in the back stretching machine, push backwards and feel your back muscles relax and open up

• Also helps develop strong stomach muscles

Download the manual here.

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Length: 36.25  Inches
Width: 24.75
Height: 37.75  Inches
Weight: 19.14 Lbs