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Easy Learn To Play Electric Guitar

Learn to play the electric guitar lightning fast with this 6-string guitar and easy guitar learning software; sound great from the first strum. Our Easy Learn to Play Guitar is a stage-ready, six-string electric guitar with an all-wood body. When you connect this USB learning guitar to your computer, you get step-by-step playing tips and tutorials. You can even record your performance. Skip the starter lessons; play immediately and sound great with this Easy Learn to Play Guitar/Software. You get the whole stage-ready package: USB learning guitar, learning software, GuitarLink cable, strap and pick.

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Easy Learn To Play Electric Guitar

You are Hendrix. You are Clapton. You are a prodigy! No, you haven’t been taking lessons your entire life – instead, you got this Easy Learn to Play Guitar/Software. In no time, you are shredding and strumming like a pro.

Plug the USB learning guitar right into your computer for step-by-step guides. Now you can quickly record and then add effects and instruments with the guitar learning software. A nearly limitless selection of amps and effects let you sound like your favorite guitarist.

This is the easiest way to learn! The Easy Learn to Play Guitar/Software package gives you a state-ready guitar, and the guitar learning software that will set you apart from the beginners. Forget going to weekly lessons that costs big money, and takes forever – learn to play guitar like the pros using our tutorials, videos, online instructions and guitar-learning software. Our USB learning guitar gets you where you want to be – fast.

• Comes with State-ready 6-string USB learning guitar

• Comes with guitar learning software CD, learn-to-play guide, strap and pick

• Includes GuitarLink cable that connects your guitar to your computer

• Record your guitar and add effects and instruments using guitar-learning software

• Nearly limitless selection of amps and effects let you sound like your favorite guitarist

• The fastest way to learn electric guitar!

• Shred, record, mix and make music – it’s all included

• Tutorials, videos and step-by-step guides help every step of the way


Length: 15.6  Inches
Width: 3.6
Height: 40.8  Inches
Weight: 9.95 Lbs


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