Digital Video Pen Camera

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This sleek, stylish pen captures a lot more than meeting notes. It’s actually a digital video camera pen. With its pinhole lens no one will ever suspect that you’re making covert videos. Just point, shoot, and upload to YouTube™, Facebook™, MySpace™, Photobucket™, and more. With the built-in 2GB memory stick, you can easily record and store your video. Use the USB port to upload to your computer and to recharge the camera pen’s battery for up to 90 minutes of video recording time.

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Digital Video Pen Camera

Write and record with our Digital Video Pen Camera.

Take notes and take notice of everything around you, all at the same time as the digital video camera is housed in a real working, high quality ballpoint pen.

Back up the Digital Video Pen Camera with just a click.

Record over an hour, create a time date and stamp, then use it as a USB memory stick to upload your video to almost any PC, since the Digital Video Pen Camera is compatible with Windows XP®/Vista®, Windows Media Player®, RealPlayer®, and QuickTime® Player.

Refills are no problem with this Digital Video Pen Camera.

Keep your pen working with three refills of ballpoint pen ink, so you can always write and record when you need to.

Digital Video Pen Camera features:

• Video camera and DVR housed in a real working pen

• Shoot color videos and upload to YouTube™, Facebook™, MySpace™, Photobucket™, and more

• Time and date stamp videos

• Built-in 2GB memory stick

• USB-rechargeable battery lasts 90 minutes

• Plays up to 4 hours of audio

• Windows XP®/Vista® compatible

• The Digital Video Pen Camera is a great birthday or Christmas gift for anyone in the family

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Length: 5.5  Inches
Width: 0.6
Height: 0.5  Inches
Weight: 0.4 Lbs
Battery Requirements: Rechargeable Lithium-ion (included)

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