Customizable Program Eye Massager

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Multiple sensations combine in this professional eye massager, to bring you superior tension relief after a day of computer work, close reading, sinus pressure or merely the stress of daily life. Slip on the I See Eye Massager and let the air bag massage gently vibrate against sore muscles and swollen eyelids. Remote control allows for a customized eye massager experience. Speakers and nature sounds music also included!

Customizable Program Eye Massager

The next time you want to reach for medication for your eye pain relief, reach for the I See Eye Massager instead. This electronic massager can relieve headaches, eyestrain, sinus pressure and even give you tension relief. Just sit back and let the air bag massage get to work. Professional eye massager is gentle and effective. You also get built in speakers that play soothing nature sounds!

Professional eye massager uses a combination of heat, air massage and vibration techniques to give you unbelievable eye pain relief at home, on demand. Not only tension relief, you also get increased blood flow and soothed muscles around your eye sockets. The professional eye massager is also great to relieve sinus pressure. Try this instead of your dizzying over-the-counter allergy medicines! Schedule a few minutes of tension relief every day after looking at your computer screen, or reading too-small print. Customize the intensity for personalized eye pain relief and soothing sensations for your temples and eye sockets.

• Features built in speakers and soothing nature sounds

• Professional eye massager uses a combination of heat, air, vibration and music

• Experience eye pain relief in just minutes, without medication

• Air bag massage provides tension relief for eye sockets and temples

Batteries: 4 AA Required

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Length: 9.8  Inches
Width: 9.8
Height: 4  Inches
Weight: 1 Lbs

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