Automobile Fuel Efficiency Improver

The Automobile Fuel Efficiency Improver reduces electrical interference in your vehicle's power system to rev up its gas mileage. Conditioning the vehicle’s electrical systems allows its electronic control unit, fuel injection and engine timing equipment to operate more efficiently — and when the engine runs more efficiently it requires less fuel, produce more power and reduces CO2 emissions.  

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Automobile Fuel Efficiency Improver

Simply plug the Automobile Fuel Efficiency Improver into your vehicle's 12V lighter socket and you're on your way to better gas mileage! With up to 20% reduction in gas usage, you could be saving big bucks and plenty of time on fewer trips to the filling station. Ideal for older cars. Not for use on hybrid or electric cars.

• Reduces electrical interference in your vehicle's power system

• Gets you vehicle's engine operating more efficiently

• Can cut gas usage by as much as 20%

• Helps fight air pollution from car emissions

• Simply plugs into the vehicles 12V power socket

• Also includes a 12V power socket USB charger to charge cellphones from your car, and a 12 V power port splitter, allowing you to run two items from the same powerport from your car.

• Ideal for older cars, not for use on hybrids or electric cars


Length: 4.25  Inches
Width: 1.6
Height: 1.6  Inches
Weight: 0.28 Lbs

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