Arm's Length Bug Vacuum

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The telescoping arms length Bug Vacuum sucks up creepy crawlies and gets rid of them – all while keeping them at a safe distance away. High-powered suction captures spiders, wasps, flies, bees and mosquitos; securely traps them and keeps them from escaping. When they hit the high voltage grid – they’re history. Safe, efficient and non-toxic.

Arm's Length Bug Vacuum

The Arms Length Bug Vacuum is designed to trap insects cleanly and efficiently – the flexible rubber tip makes it easy to suck up bugs in corners, on walls, or anywhere else they might be lurking. The power grid zaps them when they’re inside. Put the bug vacuum back in the base and it stays charged for your next bug assassination.

• Powerful cordless bug vacuum

• Telescoping nozzle reaches high corners and ceilings

• Innovative design traps bugs inside, and won’t let them escape

• High voltage grid inside vacuum kills bugs safely

• Grid voltage disabled when disposing of bugs

• Flexible rubber tip traps spiders, wasps, flies, bees and mosquitoes

• Safe and non-toxic

• Charging base with LED indicator light

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Length: 29  Inches
Width: 3.5
Height: 3.5  Inches
Weight: 3 Lbs

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