12-in-1 Survivor Tool

Be prepared for just about anything, with the 12-In-1 Survival Tool. This essential piece of survival equipment generates emergency power when you need it – enough to power-up your cell phone or MP3 player. Crank the handle and charge up the battery for a full 45 hours of flashlight use. This emergency tool combines 12 crucial tools into one handheld emergency survival kit. This multi tool survival kit contains a panic alarm, LED flashlight, digital FM radio, motion activated security alarm, red emergency flasher, cell phone charger, AC charging adapter input, compass, self charging hand crank, signal mirror, thermometer, and lanyard. Whether you’re at home or in the wilderness – with the 12-In-1 Survival Tool you’ll be ready for anything.

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12-in-1 Survival Tool

The government recommends that every household have an emergency survival kit. Put the 12-In-1 Survival Tool in your home and you’ll be ready for almost anything. The 12-In-1 Survival Tool packs a surprising number of essential pieces of survival equipment into its compact design.

Turn the crank and power up the battery. A fully charged battery can provide 45 hours of power for the LED Flashlight function in this emergency tool. It will also power the Red Emergency Flasher for a full 24 hours, provide 2 hours of FM Radio use and 2 ½ hours of security alarm use. This multi tool survival kit can also quickly charge up your cell phone for emergency calls. Carry the emergency survival kit with you in purse or pocket for security on the go. This emergency tool provides security features like a flashing red light, panic button and motion activated security alarm to signal for help or scare off attackers. Push a button on the multi tool survival kit and a sonic alarm shrieks at high decibels. The flashing red distress light also activates with the push of a button. Take the multi tool survival kit into the great outdoors and in addition to the survival equipment mentioned above you can also use its compass and signaling mirror to point you or your rescuers in the right direction. The 12-In-1 Survival Tool features:

• Self charging hand crank

• Charges cell phone or MP3 player

• Red flashing emergency beacon

• Panic button, motion activated security alarm

• AC charging adapter input

• FM digital radio

• High intensity LED flashlight

• Compass

• Signal mirror

• Thermometer

• Lanyard

Recommended For iPhone, any device that has a 3.5mm jack or RCA output

All additional technical features 2.4 GHz output


Length: 3  Inches
Width: 2
Height: 5.5  Inches
Weight: 0.51 Lbs
Battery Requirements: lithium ion

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