10 Motor Massage Chair Pad

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Ten powerful massage motors turn any chair into a powerful spa quality massage. Five programmable massage styles deliver the strength and speed you need. Soothing heat penetrates from nape to knees. Programmable touchpad.

10 Motor Massage Chair Pad

Turn your lounger into something more luxurious.

Extra-large chair pad turns your favorite lounger or sofa into a massage chair and can help relieve stress, soothe aching muscles, and revive you in the middle of a busy day. Use this chair pad in any room of your home, or bring it to the office.

This massage chair pad targets your total body.

This advanced massaging chair pad has 5 powerful massaging motors that will relax your whole body or let you focus on a specific area such as your neck, upper back, mid back, lumbar, or thighs.

Massage chair pad lets you turn up the heat.

Adding heat to your massage (with just the press of a button) helps your body to relax even further, making it receptive to the benefits of each massage.

10 Motor Massage Chair Pad features:

• Chair pad is designed to fit most chairs

• 10 massage motors

• 5 programmable massage styles

• Strength and speed options

• Soothing heat for deep muscle relaxation

• Our 10 Motor Massage Chair Pad is a great fathers day, mothers day and shower gift

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Length: 67  Inches
Width: 23
Height: 2  Inches
Weight: 7 Lbs

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