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Shop Sharper Image Massage to find the best Massager for you. We have a large assortment of high-tech Personal Massagers, Back Massagers and Foot Massagers to suit your needs. And, you’ll find the best selection of deluxe Massage Chairs,here.

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While you’re out conquering industries and corporations, or perhaps getting your business start-up off the ground, the Sharper Image is busy delivering the head to toe massage devices for you to come home to, and relax with. We can help you with customized spot massages, or all-over body massage chairs that cradle you from aching neck and shoulders down to your tired calves and feet.

Spend your day in front of a computer monitor or small mobile devices? Try our soothing, customizable, Program Eye Massager. Multiple sensations give you superior tension relief after a day of eye-strain. An air bag gently vibrates and massages your tired eyelids, while you relax to soothing sounds through integrated speakers. Let’s talk about your tired and aching feet! Climbing the corporate ladder takes its toll, but the Deluxe Shiatsu Foot Massager gives back, with a heated, deep massage, and 6 settings. The adjustable positions help you find true comfort, as you enjoy true foot-massaging delight. Your feet might also enjoy the Quad Action Percussion Massager from the Sharper Image, which invigorates and relieves stress in your feet, shoulders, back, quads, calves, hamstrings and more with pulsating massage action.

This is the hand held device that everyone will be waiting in line to use at the end of the day. But really, what part of your body feels the stress more than your neck and shoulders? The Sharper Image Rhythmic Percussion Neck and Shoulder Massager reaches those muscles that you can’t get to – even the space between your shoulder blades.

For the ultimate in personal comfort and personal end-of-day massage, try relaxing while you’re relaxing – it’s not impossible with great gifts from the Sharper Image. First, take our Massaging Bath Pillow with you into a nice, warm tub of water. Tuck this pillow behind your head, back and shoulders and transform your bath into a therapeutic spa treatment. Completely waterproof, this contoured and waterproof bath pillow massages away the tension. Then, crawl into bed with a good book, and the Sharper Image Massaging Back Wedge Pillow. You’ll unwind in comfort while enjoying the benefits of massage therapy – and you may just find yourself heading to bed earlier and earlier!

Are you really ready to treat yourself to the ultimate in comfort? If so, consider the Zero Gravity Chair with Heat and Massage for your in-home enjoyment and relaxation. This Sharper Image full body massage chair helps lower stress, increases circulation, and just looks good in your home with its luxurious leather exterior. It’s a recliner, which puts your body in a virtually weightless position during massage that physicians recommend for healthy sitting. Your feet will easily be above your heart, for optimal circulation and lower body stress. Infrared heat radiates to soothe aching muscles, while you enjoy a gentle but effective massage. You can also choose the Sharper Image Whole Body Robotic Massage Chair, Panasonic Sofa Style Massage Chair, or our customizable Shiatsu Back Massager chair insert.

When you shop the Sharper Image, you’ll always find the perfect gift for yourself, or someone you love. Our line of massagers is a great example of that!