Fathers Day Gift Ideas @ Sharper Image

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The man who has everything? Thanks to the Sharper Image, a man truly never has everything he needs and wants. We are continually staying several steps ahead of the guy with innovative gadgets, gifts and the latest technology. We also have father’s day gift ideas that bring the “wow” factor back to dad’s special day.

Remember, Father’s Day is not only for Dad, but for husbands, grandfathers, brothers and brothers-in-law too. Maybe even your son – did he just become a new father? Celebrate his big day with a gift from the Sharper Image.

Start his Father’s Day with a great pair of memory foam slippers for men. Far superior from any you could buy at the mall, our Outlast slippers use NASA designed textiles for temperature regulation as well as for comfort. And at the great price we sell them for, there’s no reason for Dad to be without the greatest guy slippers in the world, or universe.

Next, send him to the shower with the latest technology from the Sharper Image. Give him a telescoping fog free shower mirror to shave with, a Mangroomer electric back hair shaver, or our ultimate wet/dry electric shaver. Make sure Dad has a great sound system in his hot, steamy shower too. At the Sharper Image, we prove that “shower gifts” aren’t just for women – we have great shower gifts for the Dad in your life.

Is he ready for his Father’s Day breakfast? We have great coffee makers, juicers and individual grills for Dad. Go ahead and make him a steak with his eggs! Use his new oversized BBQ tongs and digital BBQ fork that tells you what temperature your steak is. Dad will love the Sharper Image’s motorized grill brush, and our new rotisserie items for kabobs and hot dogs. Does dad want to have indoor fun? The digital voice alert BBP thermometer from the Sharper Image will let him know when he needs to go back outdoors to get the meat off the grill. The Sharper Image has outdoor grill sets, vacuum meat marinators, BBQ smokers, grill cleaners and digital thermometers for well under $100 – so you can give Dad a great Father’s Day gift and still have money to take him out for ice cream at the end of the day.

The Sharper Image has gifts for the outdoor loving guy. How about a king sized hammock to bring him a king sized invitation to kick back and relax in style. He may not need all the room a king sized hammock provides, but then he’ll have extra room to share with the loves of his life. At the Sharper Image, Father’s Day gifts are often engineered to enjoy and share with others.

How about the golfer in your life? The Sharper Image has great golf accessories, and the latest technology for the links. Get him an automatic return putting mat, for when Dad wants to play golf, not fetch! He can clean his clubs several ways with our line up, and keep his shoes in a sharp leather shoe bag. How about a GPS for the golf course? Dad can see the entire fairway at a glance, and really get a lay of the land with this gadget from the Sharper Image. We have great golf electronics for Dad – including a golf swing video recorder and laser range finder. How about an electric golf caddy? Here’s a great gift for Dad – an indoor/outdoor golf training system. Dad doesn’t need to let bad weather keep him from practicing his swing with this beauty. And just for fun? Give dad the golf club drink dispenser from the Sharper Image. He’ll be able so serve his friends and ask them if they want a “drink at the club.” We also have gifts for serious golfers including golf bags, golf caddies, golf scopes and more. If Dad loves golf, he will love any gift you give him from the Sharper Image.

The Sharper Image has toys for Dad too. Check out our electric powerboard, which travels over all terrains. Our Terra Trike is the ride he can’t stay away from. And our hybrid electric bike will help him with the uphill climbs when life gets a little too steep.

Trust the Sharper Image to keep Dad in the latest and greatest gifts all through the year, not just in June for Father’s Day!