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Never be late again! Sharper Image has fun and unique clocks & radios for every need. Choose from white noise machines, weather forecasters, internet radios, and clock radios for ipods. Having trouble waking up in the morning? Never be late again with Sharper Image alarm clocks and radios. Either wake up peacefully and progressively, or with a noise that will shoot you right out of bed. We even have white noise machines to help you fall asleep, weather forecasters to prepare you for the week, and internet radios/clocks for iPods. No matter what your sleep needs are The Sharper Image is here to make sure you have sweet dreams.

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Are you looking for a creative way to wake up in the morning? Do you want your news & weather conveniently at your bed side? This is all possible! has a unique selection of modern and multi functional clocks and radios for you.

Throw out your old AM/FM alarm clock radio and try a contemporary version. Add your iPod or iPhone to get the music you want to hear when you wake up. The iPod Classic Alarm Clock Radio has a vintage design, but it is technologically advanced so you can listen to your favorite playlist. You no longer have to wake up to static, a bad song or the local radio hosts.

If you are looking for an alarm clock, that not only wakes you in the morning but helps you fall asleep at night. Try the Sound Soother White Noise Machine or the Travel Sound Machine. Fall asleep to thunderstorms, wind chimes or even the sounds of the rainforest. The Rise and Shine Alarm Clock uses light to slowly wake you in the AM, but also has built in soundscapes to help your fall sleep in the PM. It is important to fall asleep and wake up peacefully and can make that happen. If you are in need of more than just peaceful sounds to help you sleep, reach for the Personal Sleep Coach. It is designed to track your night's sleep and then teaches you how to improve it. It personalizes you sleeping patterns by using a Wireless headband to sensor your sleep.

If waking up is hard to do, clocks and radios has the right product for you. The Runaway Alarm Clock sounds its alarm and then rolls around the floor until you catch it to turn it off. This will definitely get you up in time. Projection Clocks are also a customer favorite. See the time sharp and clear projected on your wall or ceiling

Clocks and radios are important essential to everyone’s home, whether it’s for waking up, falling asleep or just being informed. Our advanced alarm clocks and radios do a great job! Find the alarm clock or radio that best suits your family at