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Air Purifier Reviews

Air Purifier Reviews

Air purifiers can help clean air, and eliminate dust, mites, allergens and more. We hope our Air Purifier Reviews from our real customers will help you make a better decision about which air purifier to purchase.

Ionic Comfort Compact Air Purifier Review:

"I bought this item because i started smoking in the house,bad idea, i know, but.. i spend alot of time in the living room and didn't want it to smell like smoke and thought it would also help me to clear the smoke out quicker from the room so no lingering smoke. It has so far worked great, i can tell the difference alot! Once summer comes and the weather is warmer i can smoke outside again, but still plan on using this item in the living room cuz it is next to the kitchen as well, so the air you are breathing even from dust or whatever is much better with having this product."-Loving the clean air, Harker Heights, TX

"I have been looking for a good (air) Purifier for a small room. This has got to be one of the best I have ever used, period. Easy to operate, easy to clean, and super quiet. It is nice to know that I can clean the air without having a jet engine in my office. I felt the effects in a very short amount of time. This (air purifier )is GREAT!!!"-Barry, Norman, OK

Ionic Comfort Air Purifier Review:

"Ionic air purifier cleans the air very well. My wife has breathing problems this product did the job thank You Sharper Image"-Scott, Livonia, MI

"Product is being used in our home. We have 2 large dogs and the product purifies the air well."-Tim, Heber Springs, AR

"I purchased this air purifier in hopes of helping my girlfriend have less allergies from our two cats. We had previously used a normal HEPA air filter with OK results, However after using the this purifier for only 3 days the difference in her allergies was like night and day!! NO MORE Claritin or Zyrtec, NO MORE waking up with a stuffy nose, NO MORE sneezing attacks, and NO MORE itchy irritated eyes!! It's absolutely AMAZING and I don't know why we waited so long to get one (well really it was her doctor that recommended an ionizing air filter over a normal one to help clean the air of pet dander better) It looks elegant, is quiet, and has great features! I highly recommend it for anyone suffering from allergies.... especially those that are pet related!"-Bill, Ypsilanti, MI

Filterless Silent Air Purifier Reviews:

"I assist at a daycare facility and we purchased 3 of these units for the classroom...the kids we watch seemed to have fewer colds this year than in the past." - Eric, Hibbing, MN

"if You are looking for a REAL "air sanitizer" You do not have to look anywhere else.AIRFREE is here to help all those people looking for a better indoor air.and the best way to get this priceless pure air is getting an "AIRFREE" unit." - Jose, Queens, NY

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